I love a relaxing soak in the tub to soothe my sore muscles after a long day. I came up with the idea of a bubbly Epsom salt bath. Give this a try and tell me what you think what scents you used.. These are the ingredients I started out with.. You can change the amount of the ingredients based on what you want. You can double or even triple this recipe very easily, if you want to give it as a gift to someone.


1 Cup of Epsom Salt ( I used the Eucalyptus on)
A Bubble bath or a body wash of your choosing ( I used 1 Cup of Lavender)
Optional: Few Drops of Essential Oil ( Again I used Lavender)
Spoon ( I just used my hands)
Storage Container


  1. Mix the Body wash and Essential Oil in the bowl. I mixed it until I thought the oil was mixed it really well
  2. Now mix the Epsom Salt into the mixture and mix until all of the salt is covered.
  3. Now simply pour of Scoop the mixture into your storage container.