I love a good soak in the tub with a bath bomb every now and again, but they are so expensive. I think the average cost of a bath bomb where I live is about $6-8 for ONE bath bomb. Since I am on a path to save more money I decided to make my own after googling for a while I came up with a recipe that I LOVE. This recipe will relax and moisturize your skin leaving you with softer skin. Try different oils and comment what works best for you.

Ingredients and Supplies (Makes about 2 round 2.5 inch diameter bath bombs or 6 of the cupcake tins slots)


1 cup- Baking Soda

1/2 cup- Citric acid( This can be found at Wal-Mart or you can use Cream of Tartar. It wont be as “fizzy”  as the ones with Citric Acid but the effects from the recipe are the same)

1/2 cup of Epsom Salts of your choosing( I use the Eucalyptus and Spearmint scented one for this)

1 tsp- Water

2 tsp- essential Oil that you like( I used 2 oils, lavender and lemon)

3 tsp- Carrier oil( I used olive oil)

Any food coloring of your choice


Smaller bowl or cup

Whisk( you can also use a spoon, spatula or your hands)

Container to store them

Bath Bomb mold( I didn’t have on so I used a cupcake tin, you can use and plastic Christmas Ornament and just carefully cut it open or even use Easter eggs.)

  Instructions ( Very Thorough )

Combine all of your dry ingredients in the bowl and mix them together well.

Now in the smaller bowl/cup mix all of your wet ingredients together. Keep in mind that the oils and the food coloring may not mix well if it is water based but that is ok.

Next you want to take the wet ingredients and very slowly mix them into the dry ingredients(pouring a little at a time). You want to begin mixing immediately after you pour the oils to stop it for reacting and fizzing. If you have a spray bottle lying around you can also spritz the oils in a little at a time( 3-4 sprays) and mix.

When you are done you should have what feels like damp/wet sand at the beach, and it should hold its shape when you squeeze it in your hand. If it doesn’t add a little more water.

Once you have this damp mixture what you want to do is, take your mold and start to pack it into the mold. If you are using a cupcake tin like me be sure to pack it good and tight in there so that there are no holes and to help it come out easier. If you are using a mold over pack both sides of the mold, the will help it to hold together. Once you have done that you can push the 2 side together, over the bowl to catch the excess that fall off.

You can know let your bath bomb set for 5 minutes in the molds, to remove just gently tap the sides of the mold. If you are using a cupcake tin once they have set 5 minutes, I take a towel and cover the tin and gently flip the tin over and tap on the bottom of the tin so they fall to the towel.

You can let the dry 24 hours, but I just pop mine in the freezer for and hour or two and they are ready to use.