I first want to say that this what I went through and is in no way made up. This Story will ,however, be broken up into different post as to keep you from staring at a bright screen for a long period of time and hurting your eyes.


The Decision

     When I decided to finally start my life on my own I was 20 years old and still living with my mom. She was getting tired of me being there and not doing anything with my life and I was tired of feeling like I was trapped in that small town with no way out. One day my mom had told me to get out and look for a job and so that’s what I did, but getting a job in a small town was kinda tough with the entire town fighting for the same jobs as you are. I went to every shop that day. I was determined to go home with a job or the promise of a job.

The Call and meeting

     While I was walking through the town on my job search, my phone began to ring. I looked at the collar ID and I didn’t recognize the number. I answered the unknown number just to see who it was and it was a man, by the name of Sergeant (SGT) Brown. I ask him who was he looking for and he said he was looking for a young lady by the name of Krishna, and I was like that’s me but whatever you think I did it wasn’t me. He just laughed and said “it’s nothing like that but I am calling with a question for you.” I was intrigued and ask him “what was the question?” Calmly He asked me have I ever thought about joining the army and I told him I had thought about it but wasn’t too sure if it was for me.  Then he continued to talk my ear off about all of the great possibilities. I was then asked if I would like to come in to take a test and to talk more if I was interested, mind you I was 20 yeas old and wasn’t doing anything with my life at the time, so I  said, “Sure what have I got to lose, so we set a day to meet at the recruiting station to take the test. After passing the tests that they gave me there and I was then given a pamphlet with different types of jobs that I may like. Being the girl who like to take things apart and figure out how it worked, in fact I often was in trouble because of that fact, I took the VCR and DVD players apart. Naturally I chose a 91 Series job (mechanic job).


The Process

     I actually started to feel like this was something that I could be good at, so without talking to my mom or any other family I set forth and started the process to join the Army. It was a long process, at least to me, I went to take the real test and I scored a 45, maybe it was a 54 either way I will check my files and update if its wrong, but then I stayed in a hotel for two days everything was paid for and the long process began. Did I mention that what I told my mom about me joining the Army she hit the roof. Back to where I was, I was in this hotel and that morning we went down stairs for breakfast. After breakfast we were shuttled to a different building where we spent the entire 2 days standing in lines, being poked with needles and getting weighed, blood pressure and urine samples etc….   We couldn’t have our cell phones so we only got to use them when we got back to the hotel in the evening. It was a relief to finally get home and rest without being poke or having to stand up for 6 plus hours.

The Excitement and shipping out

     I went home and my mom was my first Drill SGT. She have me doing sit-ups, push-up and running until I wanted to die. A couple of weeks went by before I got another call from SGT Brown. This phone call was telling me that I would be shipping out to Basic Training on the 30 of that month( April) . I was excited at that point, I mean for the first time I would be out on my own and I didn’t have to stay in Alabama. When the day of the 30th finally can I was so happy to get on that bus and start my life in a whole new direction. I rode on the bus for what felt like forever  to Fort Jackson and that when things started to actually sink in…… To Be Continued….